Emma N.
New Nails- Beauty Supply in Highland California. It has everything for Nails. Specially, tons of colors, stickers, Acrylic powder, and Gel-X. All of that, the price is super cheap compare to all the others business.
Trinity V.
Retail and Wholesale Nail Supplies Carries all popular nail brands Anything related to nails or waxing can be found here They sell salon gloves and towels as well Eyelashes too
Kimberly T.
Best Supply Shop in Town! I've shopped here multiple times. They have everything I need to buy and it's super organized! 10/10.
Darklight Rebel Dhp.
This is a very nice Nail Supply. Not a typical beauty supply. All Nail products inside.
Trinity Vu
Lots of supplies Just the things I needed! I've been going very far to get the supplies that I need for my nail salon and I came upon their shop and it was great! Now I don't have to go to such far places to get the supplies that I need for my business. Their collection of nail polish is huge and they have lots of varieties. Even selling eyelashes and many nail salon supplies. Lost of different nail polish brands like Chance, 7 Star, DND, and many more like base coats, nail art polish, nail art stickers, and nail salon items.